Start Up
Globally most of the start ups fail because of weak disclosures of financials and inappropriate strategic planning. Funding to these start ups considerably attract risk profiles to both intrinsic and extrinsic visions strategically. Stiff competition globally has changed the growth trend of finance and operations a lot as large number of variants, high finance and operations cost have become weaknesses but pricing pressures & innovations with heavy R&D cost are the key support areas to mitigate the risks of high costing & pricing.
We provide you the best sustainability model with having great command over Financial, Operations, Inventory, Investment, Expenses, Strategy, Customer Demand etc.
Sales, Financial, Operational, Inventory, Cost Dashboards are the pre-requisite for growth & strategy which enable handy figures, ratios, graphs & standards to drive, manage & control risk & get the profitable strategy into action in no time.
We provide you the in-depth analysis & study of cost modules across all variants & provide you the real time costing & help provide the structural insight for the lower input & higher output. MS Consulting provides you the Risk Portfolios & support for management of risks & create control levels to drive & manage the cash levels at appropriate ventures of business portfolios to get the profitable ventures.
Daily, monthly or timely Flash Handbooks & Magazines would empower you to drive, manage & control the business competing industry peers.

What We Do

26-Business Case
Business Case
02 - Credit Rating
Credit Rating & Due Diligence
03 - Feasibility Reports
Sensitivity & Feasibility Reports
27-Market Strategy
Market & Industry Strategy
18-Budgeting and forecasting
Strategic Planning & Budgeting
14 - Product Channel
Channel Development
28-Business Support
Business Support Services
01 - P&L Management
P&L Management
02 - Credit Rating
Credit Rating & Due Diligence
03 - Feasibility Reports
Sensitivity & Feasibility Reports
Compliance –Tracking & Management Solution
29-Capital Infusion
Capital Infusion & Funding
16-HR management
HR Management
30-Working Capital Management
Working Capital Management
25-Cost Control
Cost Containment & Strategy
06 - Finance
Finance & Operations
12 - Scoreboard
KPIs & KRAs Scoreboard


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