Analytics JukeBox
We believe that in the theory of everything lies the ?.
Why is what drives Us, and this is our core lens we use to discover, define, design, deploy & sustain.
We are with you at each transformational building block of the data & analytics roadmap. Choose a track & play on.
Professional Services/ Discover & Design:
Strategy & Business Advisory
Roadmap Discovery & Definition
Architecture Design
Solution Design & Implementation
Build & Cultivate Data Culture
Customer Business Process centric approach
Align & customise products to business issues
Maximise Business Value and ROT
Drive solution adoption thereby enhancing Organisational ROI.
Data Engineering:
The “Why” of the analytics project requires curated data to accelerate monetizing actionable insights.
Data Heath & Hygiene
Migration & Integration
Cloud Native Data Warehousing & Lakes
Platforms, Products, Tools et al:
Our own Omni Platform - "DatAcuity"
Modern Open Self-Service BI Products - Tableau - Power Bi - Qlik
Visual Embedded Analytics
Analytics Use Case Arena:
Financial - including Risk & Compliance.
Marketing & Sales
Supply Chain
Enablement & Support:
Project Governance
Training & Handholding
Resource staffing.
Annual Support services
Additional Application Development
Needless to add, in this modern diverse world, is to Collaborate.
2 Implementation Partners
3 Diverse Technologies/Platform Partners
3 Consultants

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