Financial Services: P2P Platform-Top Mgt & Investor Dashboard
Non Banking Financial Companies(NBFC) crust business driving relates to Cross Sectional Analysis, Return on Assets, Risk to Defaults, Financial Strength or Distress, Economic Value Added, Assets Management, Risk Profile Control, Risk Based Profitability, Dashboards pertaining to Financials, Operations, Assets Profile, Growth Matrices, Market Values, Valuation etc.
MS Consulting provides you the best of excellence in expert performance management system equipped with performance of Wholesales & Retail Banking & Treasury & Banking Operations underlining standard deviation of ROA & like, Forecast Measurement, Strategy & Budgeting & Performance Reporting.
Credit Data analytics is the key potential for the advanced analytics of transaction based lending models. Analysis of Credit Risk & Critical Study of Borrower Profile are very important insight to be valued with professional expert dashboards.
MS Consulting provides you the Risk Portfolios & support for management of risks & create control levels to drive & manage the cash levels at appropriate ventures of business portfolios to get the profitable ventures.
In-depth predictive analysis by our value based insight business models & dashboards would empower you with best level credit scoring, creditworthiness of borrowers & net investment return.
Strategy & Performance
Interest & Tenure
Interest Contribution
Exposure Defaults & Delinquency
Branch Lending
Lending – Branch Contribution
Branch – Interest Rate Performance
Lending Strata

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